Comprehensive Medical Supply Programs & Services
  • Our proven excellence in Hospice Programs nationally.
  • Quality name brand products, including product in-service training.
  • Experienced Hospice Sales Specialists & Customer Service Specialists.
  • Systems to evaluate results and continually improve our programs.
  • An MMS Hospice Specialist will introduce you to our Hospice Supply Program today!

The goal of the MMS Hospice Division is to assist hospice organizations and their caregivers by providing quality products, timely deliveries, treatment protocols, product use training and prices that reflect commitment to our partnership.

Providing products for Hospice patients began in 1978. Today we are even more dedicated to serve the hospice community.

Our Hospice Care Team is dedicated to serve hospice organizations and hospice patients throughout the country. We recognize the need for inventory control, order entry, on-time delivery, protocols, usage controls, training programs, usage reports, reserved inventory, store room set ups, usage reviews and consistent follow-up.

We set high expectations for each and every one of our employees. It is important to us that we earn the right for business opportunities and that we maintain and grow those relationships. A true and effective partnership with our customers is the ultimate goal. When the provider and the customer share common goals and care for each others well being, a great team will result.

The Hospice caregivers are recognized as very special people. They provide comfort and grief counseling to the patient and family as indicated. At MMS we have that same caring attitude and dedication. When you think of the products and services that are required within hospice, please think of the MMS Hospice division. We really do care.

Quality Product Standardization

At MMS, we believe in providing the highest quality products to our customers. Our manufacturers include, but are not limited to, Johnson & Johnson, Kendall, Molnlycke, 3M, Coloplast and BD. We propose product standardization, providing consistent care, continuity of care and in-depth product use knowledge.

Hospice Specialists

MMS provides each hospice organization a Hospice Sales and Service Specialist and a specifically assigned Customer Service Representative (CSR). It is the goal of each Hospice Specialist to fully understand the mission and philosophy behind your organization. MMS Hospice Specialists and CSRs contribute years of experience through partnerships with hospice organizations across the United States. It is our goal to develop a lasting relationship between MMS, your hospice organization and your specific needs.

Customized Ordering System

MMS understands that every hospice organization is unique. We will provide your organization with customized order forms, which include a list of your authorized products. This approved list of products will include cost and ordering-control measures. It can also be used as a management tool for you to identify treatment exceptions and related costs. MMS is also committed to accommodate your ordering preference, whether it's phone, fax or e-mail. A reorder system will be customized to your requirements. Additionally, online ordering specific to your organization's program is available.

Protocols and Treatment Programs

The MMS Hospice division will work with your organization and manufacturers to find the best product and/or treatment approach for your patients needs. It is our mission to help develop and implement customized protocols consistent with your philosophy and goals of care. Our in-service training programs are sponsored and available from manufacturers. Specialists in all care areas will ensure proper product use.

Cost Containment

With our volume purchases and national contracts, we are able to provide the best possible pricing in the industry. We simply will not be undersold.

Storeroom Set-up

MMS is available to clean and arrange your storeroom, by product category and product code, according to your state and regulatory guidelines. Shelves will be labeled and organized for easy product identification and reordering. Expired merchandise concerns will be eliminated. Instruction for staff on proper maintenance is provided.

Inventory Control Systems

The inventory management system will coincide with the storeroom set-up and your customized order form to help expedite your ordering process within all sites. Inventory management systems will provide order history, order amounts and minimum/maximum par levels for each product.

Utilization Reports

MMS will provide customized usage reports upon request. Report examples include; usage and expenditures by site, cost by product or product category, total expenditures by site, region or agency and a complete product listing.