The Specialty Division of MMS Medical was established in the late 1970s at the request of multiple manufacturers.   As a specialty distributor, our role was then and still is today to bring emerging, innovative technologies to the acute healthcare marketplace.  We seek out and partner with manufacturers that share our common goal - to improve clinical & financial outcomes for our customers.  Each of our representatives are well trained in the technical and clinical aspects of the products we represent.  MMS Specialty serves Missouri, Kansas, central & southern Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas & the northern half of Texas.

MMS Specialty Division proudly represents the following manufacturers:

Dräger Medical -
Products: Infant warmers, Isolettes, Transport Isolettes, Monitors, Photo Therapy, Jaundice Meters, Resuscitation products, Positioning products & lights.

Clinical Innovations -
Products: Traxi Paniculis retraction, Koala® Intrauterine Pressure Catheter, Kiwi® Vacuum Assist Delivery System & Koala Toco, ROM Plus rupture of membrane test, Ebb Complete Tamponade System,

Homewood Health Care -
Products: for L&D, Nursery & NICU. Including bassinets, Fetal monitoring carts, Case carts, Infant care centers.

RespiroLogics -
Products: Infant Respiratory products and a complete BCPAP System

Airon Medical Products -
Products: Neonatal Ventilators –MRI compatible Ventilators, CPAP systems.

Kirlin Lighting -
Products: Recessed motorized Birthing lights

CAS Medical Systems -
Products: electrodes, disposable temp probes, Probe covers, Limboards.

Dolores –
Products: Speech enhancement devise for patients that are intubated or on CPAP / BIPAP

Trademark Medical -
Products: Formal oral care

Adroit Medical-
Products: Recessed motorized Delivery Room Mirror – only one on the market.

Westmed -
Products: Respiratory products for use in the NICU and on infants.

ICU Medical -
Products: Needleless IV connectors for safe preparation and delivery of all meds and fluids including oncology medications. Custom IV administration sets, syringe pump tubing, extension sets, secondary sets, etc.

LifeSciencePLUS -
Products: BloodSTOP hemostatic gauze made from completely natural oxidized cellulose. When BloodSTOP comes in contact with blood, it speeds coagulation and expands to a gel that adheres to the surface and applies pressure as it seals the wound. Available in a variety of sizes for use in various departments - including Paramedics, EMTs, ED, Cath Lab, ICU, NICU, Newborn Nursery and Hemodialysis.