Modular Technology for Supply Chain Management Across the Continuum of Care
MMS's proprietary uCommand technology allows any customer to build a system that is tailored to his or her needs, whether the provider is an individual Practitioner, or part of a large group practice or a multi-site facility. There is no reason to purchase components that are not necessary, however the technology is easily adaptable so that as needs change, the system can be easily reconfigured. uCommand is specifically designed to be affordable, easy to implement and easy to use.  With software easily accessed by any PC, uCommand can be configured to do any, or all, of the following:

Electronic Order management
  • Place Orders (with or without barcode scanners)
    • To multiple suppliers, not just MMS,e.g., food and office supplies
    • From multiple sites/multiple authorized users
  • Receive automatic updates on pricing and item codes
  • Immediate electronic order confirmations
Use Barcoding to Track:
  • Costs, billable pricing and charge codes
  • Product usage:
    • By Provider/Caregiver
    • By Cost Center
    • By Patient/Resident
  • Billable services (e.g., beauty salon or physical therapy)
Interface to existing billing systems
Interface with 3rd Party Billers
Set and maintain PAR levels

Irrespective of which modules used, a uCommand user can:
Access reports in summary or detailed formats

  • Standard
  • Custom
  • Downloadable
Choose from a variety of barcode scanner alternatives
Easily access system support