MMS UCommand FAQs

UCommand FAQs

Will my charges transmit to Billing?


We have exports for most billing vendors in the industry. With the optional export module, exports can be generated in virtually any file layout that is needed. Our unique export engine makes it simple to generate monthly exports to your billing system.

Some of the vendor exports that we support are:

  1. American Health Tech
  2. RH Positive
  3. Quick Care
  4. Monette Systems
  5. Advanced Answers on Demand
  6. AccuMed
  7. Keane Care
  8. Keane, Inc
  9. Achieve DCare
  10. Achieve Pathlinks

What are the Hardware Requirements?

uCommand can run on virtually any new PC.

We highly reccomend the following configuration for clients and primary machines:

  1. 1GHZ processor
  2. 256 MB RAM
  3. 20 GB Hard Drive
  4. Windows XP
  5. High speed internet connection (on the server machine)

Can I Import Resident Data?


We import resident data in a specified format. We also provide services to transform that data into the correct format prior to importing into uCommand.