Using uCommand

Maintenance within the program, for supplies, residents and users are all managed from a single location. The inherent flexibility of the system allows for multiple SKUs, suppliers, barcodes (both printable barcode and the use of barcodes already on items), units of measure or pricing groups. Have an item you order in boxes, price by the dozen, and bill by each? Our system handles these types of complexities with ease. Resident profiles allow tracking of resident locations, billing methods by date as well as basic contact information. Supplies management tracks costs, billable pricing, as well as charge codes.
Printing reports is simple as well. Choose from our pre-defined group of reports or use our imbedded reporting tool to customize and create your own

4 Easy Steps to Cost Tracking:
uCommand isolates the normal day to day use of supplies from the overall processes of maintaining items, residents, and on hand quantities of supplies. By taking this approach, the job of tracking supplies and services used by an individual resident becomes infinitely more simple. This allows staff to focus on their primary job: Caring for Residents!
Associating billable or non billable items with a resident requires very little time or effort in uCommand.
Begin by logging in with our secure, encrypted password system.
Then simply choose a resident.
Choose the items to associate with that resident?s care.
And confirm the items.

Increase the ease of this process by adding barcode scanners at each nursing station, or upgrading to our wireless palm scanning solution!

Unlike other software solutions that can cost thousands of dollars to customize, uCommand is built on a flexible platform.

Automated Ordering:
We know how time consuming order management can be. As a result, we have focused on simple electronic processes to assist you in streamlining the purchasing process. Our system allows for electronic updates of item codes and pricing. With our unique messaging approach, you will continue to receive the same personal service with all of the advantages of automated suggested orders, electronic confirmations, and simple one step receiving of orders into your inventory. Purchasing has never been so simple. Forget about the hours to compile orders, fax them, calling to confirm urgent items, etc. All of those issues are handled behind the scenes with electronic order management

In addition to our custom adapter interfaces that connect facilities to distributors, we provide standard export formats for most of the major billing solutions within the home. Unlike other barcode tracking solutions, our system uses an export engine that is easily customizable to your needs. If the bridge is not included, just let us know and we can configure the solution to your needs.