Systems Support:
uCommand offers a variety of services for our customers. Support of the system is provided via our state of the art online reporting and tracking system, that allows the end user to keep close track of updates and progress on their support issue. Additionally, we provide telephone support when needed and can even come on site to help resolve your issue.

In addition to support, we offer training packages for your company, on site at the home, or corporately in a centralized location. We can also ease the transition to our system by providing services to pre-load items and residents, or even pre-build your systems so that they can be delivered ready to plug in and begin using. Contact our sales department for details and a quotation on services we provide.

The Command Module for Multiple site Facilities:
This module allows for the monitoring and reporting of facility ordering activity at the corporate level. Specifically designed for the medium to large chain of facilities, this solution can dramatically reduce the time to aggregate information and find solutions to supply issues quickly.