Scanner Options

The innovative LS 2208 hand-held scanner from Symbol Technologies delivers performance features at an affordable price. If you're seeking investment protection and great value in a small, light scanner that assures maximum productivity, then the LS 2208 is the ideal choice.

Powerful Features Help You Get Started Fast and Reduce Costs
Getting started with the LS 2208 is fast and simple with 123Scan setup utility. This easy-to-use tool reduces startup time and costs wherever the scanner is used. To further save you money, the scan element in the LS 2208 is based on a liquid injection process that delivers integral shock protection, providing durability you can count on. These powerful features enable you to reduce downtime and keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

Create a More Productive Mobile Environment
In healthcare, the high-value LS 2208 hand-held scanner offers superior performance, excellent reliability and user-friendly ergonomics to create a more productive mobile environment. And when you choose the LS 2208, you receive the added assurance of purchasing a Symbol device?a company with proven solutions and millions of scanner installations worldwide.

Now Here!!!"Cut the cord" with the newest addition to the uCommand product line. The Symbol SPT1550 handheld scanner gives users mobility and increases productivity as they perform their daily tasks. Users can choose from multiple programs on the device to make them more efficient.

Long term care users can provide devices to nurses and care givers so that supplies can be scanned and accounted for at the point of care. This helps ensure that all usage is tracked and charges accounted for. The mobile scanner can also be used to record inventory counts in order to update actual on-hand quantities in uCommand.

Physician offices can utilize the mobile scanners to build their supplies orders as they inventory supply closets, exam room inventories, etc. Once the order is complete it can be automatically transmitted to MMS.